2020 F1 Tyres Fate Could Be Decided By Team Vote🗳

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Formula 1 teams may be asked to vote on whether to abandon Pirelli's 2020 tyres after they are tested in Abu Dhabi next month.

If seven out of 10 teams are still unhappy with the new spec tyres, Pirelli could be obliged to stick with its proven 2019 products for next season.

All teams were given two sets of the 2020 tyres to try in Friday practice in Austin.

Drivers were so frustrated by a lack of grip that teams questioned whether Pirelli had gone in the right direction and suggested that it might be better to stick with the 2019 construction.

Pirelli's view was that the test was not representative, because of the cold conditions and the fact that teams did not adjust their set-ups.

The Italian company's F1 boss Mario Isola also pointed out that the 2020 tyres were expected to provide less grip, but would be more consistent.

Teams initially agreed to take a more detailed look at the data from Austin, but some were pushing for a quick decision to be made on sticking with the 2019 tyres, even before the Abu Dhabi test on December 3-4.

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