Anu Malik Denies 👎 Sexual Harassment Allegations, Says 'Can't Imagine Committing The Acts'😠

  |   Bollywood

Music director Anu Malik on Thursday broke his silence on the sexual harassment allegations levelled against him. The composer took to Instagram to post a statement denying all the allegations.

Anu Malik wrote, "It has been over a year that I have been accused of something that I haven't done. I have been silent all this while as I was waiting for the truth to surface on its own. But I realize that my silence on the matter has been misconstrued as my weakness."

"Ever since the false and unverified allegations were levelled against me, it has not only ruined my reputation, but affected me and my family's mental health, left us traumatised, and tarnished my career. I feel helpless, like I am being cornered and suffocated," he continued.


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