Uhuru👔 to Gema Leaders: 🔈"Don't Bury Me while I'm Alive"

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday said he will make the BBI report public once he receives it and Kenyans can make a decision on it.

Speaking to Mt Kenya region leaders during a Gema meeting at Sagana, Uhuru said Kenyans will decide on what they want after going through the report.

"If we disagree, we should do it honourably with all opinions aired," he said.

Uhuru, however, hyped support for BBI by praising the fruits of the handshake.

He said there can never be any development without peace.

"Why do you want to bury me when I am alive? I will take you back on the journey we have walked together. In 2007, you recall what we went through. The country almost went up in flames," He said.

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