Feel Good | Nurse Takes Up The Fight To Aid Forgotten Robben Island Freedom Fighters

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As a Robben Island prisoner and former freedom fighter, 72-year-old Harold Matsididi has seen his fair share of torture, grief and loneliness.

And when the pensioner was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he fell into a deep despair.

But he now has renewed hope after a kind nurse who sat with him during radiation therapy was so moved by his suffering, that she committed to finding a way to lift his spirits.

He suggested they set up a support group for him and other former Robben Islanders who were struggling with their circumstances, and the monthly meeting has ended up bringing life and meaning to men whose contribution has otherwise been largely forgotten by society.

The wonder team are oncology navigator Alice Banze, who has been a nurse for over 15 years, and Sandy Lewis, who heads up therapeutic services for a hospital group.

Their efforts not only resulted in the support group, but also a crowdfunding campaign to help support the men with access to medical care, trauma counselling and food.

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