Ghs205.6m in Tax Savings 👉Made From Common Platform - 🔊Ursula

  |   Ghana News

The Minister for Communications Ursula Owusu Ekuful has disclosed that the state has accumulated an amount of GHS205.6 million in tax savings on fraud management following the introduction of the Common Platform(CP).

Addressing Journalists in Accra, the Minister said the overall duration of the 5-year contract is expected to deliver tax savings of approximately GHS795.9 million.

"This comes with a state-of-the-art Fraud Management System known as TELECOP. Through this, the Common Platform originates over 150,000 international calls into Ghana every month to detect fraudulent sims automatically," she said.

The Minister disclosed that the Common Platform is providing the Ghana Revenue Authority revenue assurances which include "revenue to the government by top-ups, measurement of top-ups per operator by the Common Platform and revenue to the operator measured by the Common Platform Consumption."

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