'laden' Aka 'krishna' Gets Torturous 'kraal' Training Schedule

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The rogue elephant 'Krishna' was subjected to a torturous training schedule called 'Kraal', which is discouraged worldwide by elephant trainers.

The Assam Forest Department, which had tranquillized the rogue recently and decided to captivate it, are now contemplating the torturous 'Kraal' training module due to it's overage, which has concerned wildlife activists.

"Normally, in the Indian tradition of captivating elephants, they (elephants) are required to be between six to seven years old," said a wildlife activist expressing concern over the decision.

"The height of the animals should be no more than seven feet," the activist added.

The experts involved in the operation to tranquillize Krishna termed it to be a full-grown adult male elephant and estimated it to be around 35 years of age....

Photo - http://v.duta.us/GH4wuAAA

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