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Ask Didi: 3⃣ 🍒😱!

(+263...0) asks I have 3 balls in my scrotum what should I do I'm afraid I might die😱!

If you really do have three balls, it's called Polyorchidism and it's extremely rare - scientists have only discovered 100 to 200 people who have more than two balls. The condition is …

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Ask Didi: Ex's Twin 💘?

(+234...4) asks is it cool to date my ex's twin brother? After he married another woman💘?

Well, technically you're not doing anything wrong, but the situation does seem fraught with drama. Make sure you're not using the twin brother as a replacement for your ex - you should be in …

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Ask Didi: Long Distance Relationship 😓?

(+276...4) asks I'm in a long distance relationship but my boyfriend his talking about marriage how can I leave my country, my job, my family and my friends to be with him is it going to work or not😓?

If you don't know your boyfriend really well, or have …

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