Vettel🔈: Verstappen Claims Were "Not Professional Or Mature"👎

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Sebastian Vettel says his Ferrari Formula 1 team can respond on-track at this Brazilian Grand Prix to Red Bull driver Max Verstappen's "not professional or mature" comments.

After the US GP, Verstappen referenced the Italian team’s drop-off in form that coincided with an FIA technical directive on fuel flow, noting that it was “what happens when you stop cheating".

“Well I think it is a sign of our times that a lot of people have something to say,” said Vettel when quizzed at Interlagos on Verstappen’s comments. “I think the big difference to the past is a lot of people are being heard, whereas maybe before they were being ignored.

“Everybody is free to say what they want, and if that’s what he thinks, and that’s what he may think, but obviously we have a different opinion.”

Pressed on what he thought about Verstappen effectively accusing Ferrari of cheating, Vettel was more expansive.

“As I said, everybody is free to say what they want. I don’t think anybody in the team took it personal. I think it is not professional or mature, but I can also see that you [the media] are probably interested in me answering back, and I don’t have much interest in that, other to say than for us, the best way to answer is to go back to normal.

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