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+263...7 Doctor what are the dangers of taking expired ARV .......⚕️🎗

All medicines contain a certain quantity of the active ingredient. The expiry date usually signifies that until that date, the drug concentration will be as per the label. In some drugs however, passage of time can cause the formation of toxic products due to degradation. In the case of most drugs, the date of expiry should be considered as a “best before date”. It is not as if immediately after the date of expiry, the drug’s action will be drastically reduced or that it will be dangerous to take it. However, as the type of degradation is not uniform for all types of medication, it is advised that one should not take any medication that is past its expiry date.

The same logic also holds for ARVs. If the drug activity is reduced, the effect on the virus is likely to be reduced. If this reduction in activity is significant, the virus may develop resistance to the drug causing an increase in viral load and over time a reduction in CD4 counts.

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