Anthem🔥 ‘Conviction’ Short Film🎬 Released📹

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Anthem‘s Early Access is just a day away, so BioWare has helped put together something special for fans to celebrate. Today director Neill Blomkamp released his live-action short film “Conviction”, an official Anthem story. BioWare and Blomkamp began teasing the short film several days ago, including a short trailer featuring narration from a Cypher whispering about the Anthem.

“Conviction” is as much a trailer as it is a short film, teasing several plot threads from the game, including showcasing the online multiplayer game’s villain, The Monitor. Just how deeply “Conviction” is related to Anthem‘s story remains to be seen. Of course, it wouldn’t be surprising to see all of the short film’s plot threads — the mysterious woman found in the wilds, Fort Tarsis’ history, the betrayal, and the mysterious powers of the Anthem — fully explored come the game’s launch and beyond.

Watch the trailer:

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