Clean-up Operations 👊Underway at Durban Harbour Following🔥 Ship Fire

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Clean-up operations are underway at the Durban harbour after a fire on a ship claimed six lives, the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) said on Friday.

"The clean-up operations are continuing at the ship repair jetty 2 in the Port of Durban, where a fire broke out on Thursday, aboard fishing trawler Tropical I."

A statement issued by TNPA said that the vessel was docked at the jetty for its bi-annual maintenance repairs when the blaze erupted in its accommodation area at around 14:00.

The repair work was being carried out by a private Mozambican ship repair contractor at the repair quay owned by TNPA.

By Friday the pumping of fuel and water from the vessel had been completed with the vessel moved back to an upright position.

"The safety of our working environment remains our first concern and we are extremely distressed that this incident has occurred," TNPA said.

The ports authority also sent its sympathies to the bereaved families.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of the six foreign crew members who lost their lives during this tragic incident on our shores. An investigation is underway and we are cooperating fully with the relevant authorities."

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