Dead💀 by Daylight Coming to👌 Nintendo Switch

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The most recent Nintendo Direct has come and gone, bringing with it announcements for new games on the way such as Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake for the Switch. Also among the headlines of the Big N’s latest live stream presser was one for Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game, Dead by Daylight, as it will be arriving on the Switch later this year.

According to the announcement, Dead by Daylight for the Nintendo Switch is set to be a brand new edition that will launch in the fall of 2019 and include content such as Killers, Survivors, Maps, Chapters, and Cosmetics. Players should expect for there to be a digital and retail version, and in order to play the game once it officially hits store shelves, one will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access the title’s contents.

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