Ducati👍 Confirms Its Electric🔋 Future

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For the first time, Ducati has confirmed its electric plans. One of the top honchos of the company recently spoke about its future and also mentioned one electric bike that is in the pipeline.

Pierluigi Zampieri, Ducati’s Head of Innovation, said that they are already working on an electric bike but are facing some challenges. The Italian brand is finding it difficult to reach its performance and weight targets.

The company believes that it can develop the best electric bike but is sceptical about its official launch duration as the market is at a nascent stage right now. Ducati is taking baby steps at the moment as it wants this electric bike to reflect the brand’s character. So it not only needs to look good so as to become a poster bike, but it also needs to be thrilling and really fast.

Read more: http://v.duta.us/ZVi8_AAA

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