Fortnite Map🗺 Starts Cracking Ahead of Season 8

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It appears that Fortnite is ramping up for its latest map-changing event, which will lead players into Season 8 of the popular Battle Royale event. Small cracks have begun appearing around the Fortnite map, suggesting that an earthquake or something even bigger is set to occur sometime between now and the start of Season 8.

Earlier today, Fortnite players began noticing a series of cracks in the ground around the battle royale map. The cracks themselves are not terribly noticeable and don’t include any indication when they occur. However, one player went back through their replay to see that the cracks do form and are not just there from the start.

Now that the map has started to crack, Fortnite players have begun speculating about what it could mean for the game. No doubt this is a precursor to some event, likely the map-changing scenario that will signal the start of Season 8. That being said, it could also be a one-time event for Fortnite players to join in and witness, like the Marshmello concert or the floating butterfly event.

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