G.O & Girlfriend👧 Choi Ye Seul Send a Warning to Malicious💬 Commenters

  |   Kpop / Kpoplive

Former MBLAQ member G.O and girlfriend Choi Ye Seul sent a warning to malicious commenters.

On February 15, G.O posted a message on his personal Instagram, saying, "Received all the files of you chatting? You've shown how uneducated you are by referring to Ye Seul in open, so we can file a lawsuit against you. Why are you being stupid by hiding behind a regretful life? It's bothersome, but I'm going to sue you for sure. If you're dumb, I'll make sure you become aware of the saying that your hands and feet will suffer."

Source: http://v.duta.us/0KS24QAA

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