[pretoria] - #CasterSemenya, IAAF showdown looms

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The hearing, which will be held behind closed doors, has already been embroiled in controversy following a report in The Times of London yesterday.

The report made sweeping statements claiming the IAAF would argue that Semenya should be classified as a “biological male”.

The IAAF rubbished the report, saying its regulations did not intend to classify DSD (Differences of Sexual Development) athletes as male.

“To the contrary, we accept their legal sex without question, and permit them to compete in the female category,” the IAAF said.

“However, if a DSD athlete has testes and male levels of testosterone, they get the same increases in bone and muscle size and strength and increases in haemoglobin that a male gets when they go through puberty, which is what gives men such a performance advantage over women....

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