Red Velvet's Irene👀 Reveals How Much Alcohol 🍺She Can Drink

  |   Kpop / Kpoplive

On the February 14 airing of SBS' 'I'll Win You Over With My Channel,' MC Kang Ho Dong commented, "Irene filmed a soju CF, which is only done by beautiful stars. How much is your alcohol tolerance level in reality?"

Irene replied, "In the past when I used to drink a lot, I could drink up to 3 bottles (of soju)." She added, "I can't drink beer so I drank 3 bottles of soju, and I think that increased my alcohol tolerance level."

Irene claimed she can no longer drink that much but she still enjoys drinking soju.

Kang Ho Dong commented, "Usually, actresses enjoy wine." To this, Irene said, "I can't drink wine because it gives me a headache." Kang Ho Dong brought laughter as he responded, "You know why? It's because you drink other alcoholic drinks along with wine."

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