Standing Ovation👏 From DA, Empty ANC Benches for Premier Zille's 🔊SOPA Swansong

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Western Cape Premier Helen Zille's final State of the Province Address ended in a standing ovation from DA MPLs and empty ANC benches on Friday.

In her speech, Zille – who in May will become the only Western Cape premier to have completed two terms – focused on the legacy of her two administrations and contrasted it with the national government.

"Hello, citizens of the Western Cape," Zille said.

"Ten years ago, voters stood before two roads, that diverged, in a yellow wood. Those in the Western Cape chose the road less travelled by. And it made all the difference. My speech today will explain why," Zille said, with apologies to poet Robert Frost, early on in her speech.

She said her first term was dedicated to establishing "sound systems to secure good governance", and the second had focused on "game-changing interventions that, over time, will make a significant positive impact on people's lives".

"We also pioneered a delivery methodology to turn strategy into reality in a focused and effective way, using data as never before to measure impact. I hope it has become sufficiently embedded to leave a lasting legacy," she said.

Zille said she welcomed President Cyril Ramaphosa's commitment to "try and repair some of the damage of the Zuma years".

"I have to state plainly that, as a province, we have often made progress despite the national government. While there are examples of constructive partnerships, many of the key areas under national responsibility, on which we all depend, have all but collapsed," Zille said.

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