McLaren🗣: Alonso Could Feature in F1 2019👍 Reserve Plans

Fernando Alonso could be one of the drivers the McLaren team considers using as a reserve for the 2019 Formula 1 season.

The Woking team signed Formula 2 racer Sergio Sette Camara as a reserve driver at the end of 2018, but the Brazilian is not yet eligible for a …

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McLaren's✨ 2019 F1 Car Breaks📸 Cover

McLaren has unveiled its 2019 Formula 1 challenger, the Renault-powered MCL34, at a launch event in Woking.

The car, sporting a new variation of the 'papaya orange' colour scheme that was brought back the year before, was presented at the McLaren Technology Centre on Thursday.

It features prominent branding for …

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Alfa Romeo's🏎 2019 F1 Car Makes Fiorano👌 Debut

Alfa Romeo Racing's 2019 Formula 1 car has been pictured on track for the first time at a shakedown in Italy.

The team, which has taken over the branding of Sauber's 2018 entry, is using one of its two allowed promotional events to run the car ahead of pre-season testing …

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Raikkonen🗣: Leclerc Will Thrive if He Avoids Ferrari😒 "Hassle"

Kimi Raikkonen reckons Charles Leclerc can thrive at Ferrari if he focuses on driving and doesn’t get distracted by the extra "hassle" that surrounds the Italian Formula 1 outfit.

The Finn has effectively swapped places with Leclerc this year, after signing a multi-year deal to race at the Sauber …

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Suzuki Emulates Honda in Setting Up🏁 Racing Division

Suzuki has emulated rival MotoGP manufacturer Honda in creating its own designated motorsport department, the Suzuki Racing Company.
The SRC, a counterpart to the Honda Racing Corporation, will be an independent division with its own budget.

Its creation is intended to give Suzuki's grand prix racing outfit more autonomy in …

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