Fortnite Map🗺 Starts Cracking Ahead of Season 8

It appears that Fortnite is ramping up for its latest map-changing event, which will lead players into Season 8 of the popular Battle Royale event. Small cracks have begun appearing around the Fortnite map, suggesting that an earthquake or something even bigger is set to occur sometime between now and …

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Violent Games & Teen😤 Aggression Aren’t Linked,🗣 Says New Study

The debate of whether violent video games tend to produce aggressive behavior in teens has been an increasingly popular topic among the gaming community for the last decade. Despite the pendulum constantly swinging back and forth between the two sides of the debate, the latest study conducted by the Oxford …

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Dead💀 by Daylight Coming to👌 Nintendo Switch

The most recent Nintendo Direct has come and gone, bringing with it announcements for new games on the way such as Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake for the Switch. Also among the headlines of the Big N’s latest live stream presser …

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Shocking😲 Apex Legends Bug is Threatening😒 to Ruin the Game

As positively as Apex Legends has been received since its release, the game still has several bugs and glitches that are hurting the quality of gameplay.

One such bug that has recently been brought to light allows players to use their weapon after being downed, which is clearly going against …

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