BADKIZ to Officially Change🔄 Name to HOT PLACE

BADKIZ have officially announced their name change to HOT PLACE.

On February 15, ZOO Entertainment made the announcement on Twitter, stating, "From BADKIZ to HOT PLACE! Please give a lot of love to HOT PLACE, who are starting a new beginning under a new name!" The label also listed the …

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Seventeen Win #⃣1⃣ February 15th🎼 'Music Bank'

'Music Bank' is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists!

On today's episode, ITZY debuted with "Dalla Dalla", MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa made her solo debut with "Twit", VANNER debuted with "Better Do Better", Dream Catcher returned with "PIRI", Taemin made a comeback with "Want", and Saturday …

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