The Art of Debating by Naiga Shubrah Kasozi

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Genre: Non-Fiction/Self Improvement

The Ugandan writer teaches the art of debating in this 2018 publication which was published under the auspices of TafaPrint independent publishing and distributed via online booksellers in both paperback and ebook formarts.
Kasozi takes you through the mechanics of debating just like the Debater Book would but with a spefic African taste and with a more Ugandan setting in most of the sample motions and motion analysis.
She takes you through legal based topics, her homeground as she is pursuig law then politics, media, society and economics.
A debater at any level would benefit greatly from her approach as it is not blinkered to only one style of debating. As if that was enough, she then gives rules for each debating style, speaker time and speaker roles. Like Tafadzwa Mahachi's British Parliamentary Debating, hers can also be used as a training guide for any debate society.
The end of the book contains several testimonies from experienced and seasoned debaters from Uganda. Peharps this chapter is meant to give some orientation to new debaters. It was my first time to see this except in some Christian writings where testimonies are common in endorsing a preacher's message.
The book comes with a modest price and can be ordered via Amazon, eBay, Booktopia, Kindle and many other sales channels.

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