[western-cape] - Mom upset after #SansSouci pupil's suspension is upheld at hearing

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Cape Town – While the suspension of the Sans Souci Girls' High School pupil who was slapped by a teacher in a video that went viral has been upheld, the fate of the teacher, who was also suspended, is still not known.

The duo's disciplinary hearings were held on Thursday. The Chamber of Legal Students (CLS) representatives took on the Grade 9 pupil's case because they felt the school had treated her unfairly from the onset.

In the video, the pupil can be seen shoving the teacher, who retaliates by slapping the teenager across the face.

"She was not given sufficient learning material to catch up with her studies while she was at home, so Sans Souci has already messed up the case before it started."...

Photo - http://v.duta.us/Ri0pYgAA

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