1000s of Haitians Protest✊ Corruption, Rising 📈Living Costs

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At least two people died and 14 police officers were injured Thursday, police said, as thousands of Haitians protested against rampant inflation and demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moise on the two-year anniversary of his inauguration.

"For two years, Jovenel has promised to fill our plates. But I can't eat lies," protester Josue Louis-Jeune said in the capital Port-au-Prince, banging a metal plate with a spoon. "This president is nothing more than a liar," he said. "He's got to go."

As Haitians reel from 15 per cent inflation over the past two years, a sharp drop in the value of the gourde -- the national currency -- against the US dollar has only intensified price increases on mostly imported everyday essentials.

"We can't handle this economic slump any more: we have no electricity, no security, and now flour and bread sellers have decided to close their doors due to inflation. So we've started new hunger riots," said Ulrich Louima, leading the way at the protest.

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