Acting Attorney General 👀 'Has Not Spoken to Trump About Russia Probe'❗

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Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has said he has not spoken to the president or any senior White House staff about the Russia inquiry.

Mr Whitaker, who oversees the special counsel's inquiry into alleged Trump campaign ties with Russia, was grilled by lawmakers in a hearing on Friday.

He said he had not taken any action to interfere "in any way" with the probe.

The hearing came after a dispute over whether he could be forced to disclose his conversations with the president.

"I have not talked to the president of the United States about the special counsel investigation," Mr Whitaker told the House Judiciary Committee.

Mr Whitaker, President Donald Trump's pick to temporarily fill the top justice department role, added there had been "no change in the overall management" of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"I have and will continue to manage this investigation in a manner that is consistent with the governing regulations," he said in his opening remarks.

Mr Whitaker - who leads the US Department of Justice - has refused to offer any details regarding the investigation or his opinions of it, and only stated he has been briefed on the special counsel's inquiry.

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