Bugatti Reveals✨ Special Edition of the Chiron Sport on its 110th🎊 Anniversary

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Bugatti is celebrating 110 years and scarcely has any other luxury car brand looked back on as long a tradition as Bugatti. The French hyper sports car manufacturer is celebrating this anniversary with a special edition of the Chiron Sport. The car will have a limited run of 20 cars. This new edition is not only extremely exclusive but also pays tribute to France. The new Chiron Sport "110 ans Bugatti" bears the French tricolour 'Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge'. The flag originally symbolised the union between monarch and people in the phase of the constitutional monarchy.

The body and the front end are made from carbon fibre and the Bugatti line and the typical Bugatti radiator from aluminium. The matte Steel Blue paintwork at the rear of the car, produced in a complex process, has a sheen like hot-rolled steel. The typical Bugatti line, the dominant 'C' surrounding the passenger compartment, is also painted Steel Blue. The front end consists of exposed carbon fibre in Steel Blue Carbon, once again a matte colour suggestive of steel. The two-tone colour scheme is reminiscent of historic models: in the 1920s.

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