Ducati Teammates🤝 Cooperating Like "Never" Before

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Danilo Petrucci has praised his collaboration with Ducati MotoGP teammate Andrea Dovizioso during pre-season testing at Sepang, saying their partnership is like nothing he's experienced.

Dovizioso and Petrucci ended Day 2 of the test in fourth and ninth respectively, but the duo's most significant part of the session was a race simulation together during a 20-lap long run.

Both riders led the other for 10 laps during the stint, and both were left pleased with the results afterwards.

Petrucci said that while during the season both him and Dovizioso will be competitors of their own, they will continue to work together until Qatar and have teamwork like "never" before.

"When the races are coming I have the #9, he has #4, and we are two competitors," said Petrucci. "But until the first race it is very useful for both of us working together to understand things."

"In the past you never work with your teammate, check every corner for seeing, I go into the corner before, you are better on the exit, so let's work on the corner."

"For sure we have no secret but then when the race arrives we are two challengers like everyone."

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