[durban] - #BiancaParsons: A timeline of events

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Durban - The judgement of the two men accused of murdering Bluff mother Bianca Parsons is set to be delivered in the Durban High Court today.

Here is a timeline of events:

February 26 - Bianca Parsons was shot dead while parked at the Engine garage in Wentworth in the full view of her three-year-old daughter who was sitting at the back seat of her red VW Polo.

February 27- Darryl Morrison,33 and Christopher Houston, 26, were arrested.

They were linked through CCTV camera footage taken from the garage.

March 28 - During the bail application Darryl Morrison,33, from Wentworth told the Durban Magistrate's Court that he had mistaken Parsons for another woman when the trigger was pulled. He said he intended to shoot someone else....

Photo - http://v.duta.us/0RDaHwAA

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