[gauteng] - #NotInMyName warns rogue 'men of God': We’re coming for you soon

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Pretoria – Civil rights movement #NotInMyname on Friday warned self-proclaimed “men of God” who sexually abuse their fervent followers that strong consequences will soon follow.

“The issue of rape and the culture of abuse in South Africa, it is becoming very evil. As you are seeing that it is now moving over into the schools. We have seen the Valhalla case. It is moving over into churches, the likes of Timothy Omotoso. There is another [church leader] here in Pretoria who is well-known to us. He is facing some serious issues at the moment but at the right time we are going to reveal and make sure he gets the necessary spotlight for doing these things to girls,” #NotInMynameSA secretary general Themba Masango said while speaking to African News Agency....

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