Japanese Fan Group 😝Parodying Big Bang Members' Fan Service Habits at the🛬 Airport Goes Viral

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A group of Japanese Big Bang fans, a.k.a VIPs is going viral for their hilariously accurate parody of the Big Bang members' airport fan service habits!

The fan group shared the parody footage back on February 4 via SNS, asking for fans' help in retweeting the post so that they will earn a chance to appear on a TBS broadcast. "Please help spread this so that our love for Big Bang will reach all of Japan," the tweet read.

In the clip, 5 different Big Bang fans portray the 5 Big Bang members in terms of fashion, style, demeanor, and of course, fan service. "Taeyang" walks out first and demonstrates cool, straightforward fan service with his signature swag, followed by "Seungri" who walks by, distracted on his phone, giving a simple wave at the beckon of fans.

"Daesung" gives a polite bow and waves brightly at fans as he walks by, and "G-Dragon", complete with his bold, leopard print fashion, passes by after a very shy display of aegyo-filled fan service. Finally, "T.O.P" walks by robotically covered from head to toe, twitching his head.


Know more-http://v.duta.us/fsiYHwAA

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