Ministers👔 Must 👉Pay Tolls – 🔊Roads Minister

  |   Ghana News

Roads Minister Kwasi Amoako-Atta has charged road toll collectors in the country to insist on taking tolls from ministers of state. According to him, aside a few selected individuals in the country, all citizens are required by law to pay road tolls including ministers. He said he has received reports that some public officials hide behind their titles to avoid paying tolls at toll booths.

“I have heard some people get to the booths and they say I’m managing director or that, and so they just pass. All the toll booth collectors in this country have been instructed that every single individual in Ghana, no matter who are you, you are to pay tolls, if you are a minister you have to pay, if you are managing director you are to pay. I’m the Roads minister now by the grace of God, anywhere I pass, you can ask my driver I pay my tolls,” he told the media Thursday.

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