Mumbai Man Says He Will Sue ⚠Parents for Bringing Him Into World🚫 Without His ‘Consent’

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A 27-year-old man, a resident of Mumbai, has said he is going to drag his parents to court — for giving birth to him without his consent.

As children are powerless to decide whether to come into this world or not, the parents should support them for life, says Raphael Samuel in a viral YouTube video. His protest is about procreation, which puts a strain on Earth and skews ecological balance, he says.

“I want everyone in India and the world to realise that they are brought in this world without their consent ....they do not owe their parents anything and if we are born without our consent, we should be maintained for our life. We should be paid by our parents to live,” he says in the video.

He has not elaborated on which court he plans to move. Raphael’s parents are lawyers, and he says he shares a cordial relationship with them. “I have got their full support. But I know they will have a different view-point in court. But try to understand that the issue which I am raising is vast. Besides, it has few objectives such as controlling the population, maintaining ecological balance,” he told reporters.

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