Seventeen Reveals👀 How Hair & Makeup Amplified their ✨Most Kaleidoscopic Album

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Since the Korean boy group Seventeen debuted in 2015, a juicy raspberry lip tint worn by every member is about the only part of their look that has stayed consistent.

True to K-pop's trademark transformative nature, Seventeen shifts styles, moods, and color palettes with each album they release to fit their latest concept, and their latest album, You Made My Dawn, which dropped on January 21, is the epitome of this. Leader S.Coups believes beauty helps them adapt to each album, though. "I feel the hair, makeup, and styling help us express our stories and set the overall mood for [them]."

But "Getting Closer" was just the prologue for You Made My Dawn, which dropped on January 21, with a music video for "Home". Unlike the aggressiveness of "Getting Closer," Wonwoo calls "Home" a warm, comforting track with a softer vibe. To reflect that, their makeup artists dropped the black liner and dipped into warm-toned nude palettes. Again, fans were thrown through an aesthetic loop.

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