[western-cape] - Biggy stabbed multiple times, but continues to wag his tail

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These were the words of Tamsin Nel, founder and director of the SA Mass Sterilisation Trust (SA Mast), after the organisation treated Biggy for multiple stab wounds.

“Our initial investigation into the matter reveals that in the quiet hours of the morning a stranger stabbed Biggy. But we don’t think it’s just a random act of horror and mutilation.

“We think there was a purpose - to disable the dog first and then return to the property later to rob the house without the alarm being raised or running the risk of being attacked by the dog.

“He (Biggy) is quite phenomenal despite the horror he endured. He is living in the moment and allowing us to shower him with love and care.”...

Photo - http://v.duta.us/fhommQAA

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