Omoyele Sowore🗣: No Rational Nigerian Will Vote🤔 for APC, PDP in 2019

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The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, AAC, Omoyele Sowore, has said that there is no rational Nigerian who would willingly cast vote for the two major parties APC and PDP in the imminent elections.

He stated this in a chat with media while making references to the past years of waste and stagnation under the watchful eyes of the two parties, saying they are unrepentant and mastermind the country’s political and economic doldrums.

“Every trick in the political world has been played and outplayed by these political class. Nobody is carried away by money anymore. Nobody is swayed by rented crowd out there, with silent majority making decision to vote their conscience this time. If the elections would be free and fair, there would be no rational human being who will vote for the two major parties this time and what that means is that, we have the brightest chance in AAC,” he said.

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