[kwazulu-natal] - #BringBuhleHome: Battle on to repatriate body

Buhle Bhengu, 29, from uMlazi, who worked as a bartender for cruise company MSC, died after she fell ill while her ship was at Nassau.

The Bhengu family said the Bahamian government had initially refused to release the body to the family, citing health hazards.

Nafupa SA president Muzi Hlengwa said authority to release the body was no longer an issue.

“However, there is no direct flight from the island to South Africa, so connecting flights are the only way to travel between the two countries.

"The dilemma we are sitting with now is that America refused that the body be flown through its borders. Now we are negotiating with Britain and hopefully the talks will have positive results. What this family has been put through is painful,” Hlengwa said....

Photo - http://v.duta.us/-mQH5QAA

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