[pretoria] - #Elections2019: Parties are putting your vote, not your health, first

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They spoke about all the improvements they’ve brought since the advent of democracy 25 years ago, and provided an extensive list of “if-we-win” promises.

Next up was the EFF on February 2, again with grand declarations of what they will do post-elections if they win. And the DA took to the stage to launch theirs on February 23. Even Patricia De Lille’s new kid on the block, Good, took a seat at the table to engage ordinary citizens, as did the UDM.

Their manifestos have all been peppered with promises - and key in these long lists were how they would improve health care in South Africa. The ANC, for example, has promised to take immediate steps to improve the state of hospitals and clinics, to implement the National Health Insurance and to improve their test and treatment services for both HIV and TB....

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