[western-cape] - Residents want top cop removed over ‘incompetence, victimisation’

  |   Knysnanews

The group, led by the Community Policing Forum (CPF), Victim Empowerment Unit and neighbourhood watch, held a peaceful picket in front of the Strandfontein police station following the resignation of a long-serving police officer who the community hailed for his efforts in improving the community.

CPF chairperson Sandy Shuter said: “There are officers who were moved to other units because they can no longer work at this police station.

“Recently, a policeman who was loved and respected by the community resigned after lodging numerous complaints against Malong.

“When nothing was done about his complaints, he was victimised.

“A female officer suffered depression and was hospitalised due to reasons like the others. The officer had to be transferred to Mitchells Plain, where she is currently serving well....

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