Apple to Open iPhone NFC Functionality for EU Brexit App📱

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Last November, we explained how the UK government was working to convince Apple to open up the iPhone NFC chip to allow EU citizens to scan their passports post-Brexit. Now, the UK government says it has reached a deal with Apple to access the iPhone’s NFC technology.

The UK government has launched an app that helps EU citizens apply for residency in the UK post-Brexit. The process requires that people fill out a short form, take a selfie, and scan their passport with NFC using their smartphone. The iPhone’s NFC functionality, however, only supports NDEF data format, and the data encoded inside passports does not follow these standards.

Last year, UK home secretary Sajid Javid said the government was “continuing to engage with Apple at the highest level.” Now, those negotiations appear to have paid off.

As detailed today by NFC World, Apple will extend the NFC capabilities of the iPhone to support the EU Exit: ID Document Check application. The process was first reported by The Guardian last week.

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