[cape_town] - Drop in kidney transplants in SA

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Professor Rafique Moosa of SU’s Department of Medicine believes that changing attitudes was crucial to improve organ donation.

Moosa analysed national kidney transplant data collected between 1991 and 2015 by the Organ Donor Foundation of SA. Over the 25-year period under review, 7191 kidney transplants were performed.

The overall kidney transplant rate was 6.4 per million population (pmp), averaging 4.8 pmp in the public sector and 15.2 pmp in the private sector, and 58.3% of the donor kidneys were derived from deceased donors.

Cape Town and Joburg hospitals performed 75% of the country’s kidney transplants. In Cape Town, the centre providing a donor was allocated a kidney and the remaining kidney was allocated to the combined public-private patient pool while in Joburg, kidneys were allocated one each to the private and public sectors, irrespective of their source....

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