Ferrari🏎 Giving ⭐Vettel ‘Everything to Feel Good’

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Ferrari team boss, Mattia Binotto, has said he is working closely with Sebastian Vettel and the team are giving him “everything to make him feel good”.

The spotlight is shining just that little bit brighter on Vettel following his latest mistake in wheel-to-wheel combat at the Bahrain Grand Prix against his rival Lewis Hamilton.

A fresh wave of criticism has struck the four-time World Champion, but both Binotto and Ferrari are continuing to provide an atmosphere that helps to try and bring out the best in him.

“My work with him is working with the whole team,” Binotto told Speed Week, when discussing his relationship with Vettel.

“For the driver, it is important to feel the confidence of the team.

“We give everything to make him feel good.

“But more important than that, in my opinion, is a strong car.

“After all, everything works better with a good and fast vehicle.”

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