[gauteng] - Homeless people in school uniform trashed and looted stores, not us - Cosas

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On Monday, members of the Congress of SA Students (Cosas) marched to Luthuli House against violence at schools. Instead, the march degenerated into violence when the pupils allegedly looted stores and attacked street vendors in the CBD, while blocking off Pixley Seme Street for over an hour.

Cosas provincial secretary Teboho Magafane distanced his organisation from the chaos, blaming homeless people for taking advantage of the march. “Many people looted in the CBD and pretended to be students. It’s the homeless people who pretended to be students. If the students looted, they would have been arrested by now.”

Asked where the homeless would have got the school uniforms, Magafane said: “ Look, I believe that whenever there is a march there are people who will join to cause anarchy and deviate from the original goal. The reality is that the protest was advertised all over the media and anyone could have joined in.”...

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