[pretoria] - BBC, BUSA will work together to help the economy

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JOHANNESBURG – The Black Business Council (BBC) and Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) on Wednesday said they were equally concerned about the precarious state of the economy.

The organisations said they would seek to work in a more aligned manner when engaging the government on the best way to navigate South Africa out of its current challenges.

This comes after the two organisations held an eight-a-side exploratory meeting last week at which they discussed issues critical to business.

BBC president Sandile Zungu and BUSA president Sipho Pityana last week decided to bury the hatchet following two face-to-face meetings after widely publicised differences.

On the eve of the Black Business Summit last month, Pityana wrote a scathing open letter to Zungu accusing him of being complicit in state capture. But Zungu did not take the criticism lying down, replying almost immediately and saying that Pityana was "divisive and toxic"....

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