[western-cape] - Knysna residents threaten election boycott over water meter installation

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Knysna - Community organisation Hornlee United in Knysna are threatening to boycott voting in the May elections in resistance to the installation of water metres by the Municipality.

Secretary Avril Terblanche, said in a statement that the council decided to implement the water metres was racist as it exclusively targeted communities of colour. Terblanche called on all Hornlee Residents not to vote for any of the parties who voted for prepaid water meters in "only non- white areas".

She said the parties included the Democratic Alliance (DA), the African National Congress (ANC) and the Congress of the People (COPE).

"We must, however, make it very clear that Hornlee United is a community organisation. Our only interest is the welfare of the community and we want our land back that was taken by apartheid."...

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