[cape_town] - New law enforcement officers take to Cape CBD streets

Cape Town - Following the announcement made by Mayor Dan Plato during his inauguration in November last year, that safety would be prioritised, the Cape Town CBD on Monday saw 18 new law enforcement officers on its streets.

The deployment is in addition to the R165 million that was made available …

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[cape_town] - 'A vaccine can end the control of the HIV epidemic'

MAKHANDA: “Only a vaccine can end the control of the HIV epidemic”.

These were the words of Professor Glenda Gray, who is at the forefront of an HIV vaccine trial network with 5400 participants, and is recognised globally as a leader in HIV research focused on mother-to-child transmission – as she …

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[cape_town] - SA musicians off to China

Le Roux, a composer and veteran musician of more than four decades, said they had been invited by China to attend the Shanghai Cultural Festival in September, an event that will be broadcast on TV to billions of viewers around the world.

“About 35 of our members, mainly from the …

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[cape_town] - Minors must be kept away from protests

As the province and the country experienced a wave of violent protests relating to an array of issues, the CPF said, in its area, children and youths were at the forefront of burning tyres and stoning cars.

CPF spokesperson Philip Bam said that on Friday children, still wearing school uniforms …

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[cape_town] - Gen Z: living by the power of self-belief

Unlike the previous “Me” generation of millennials, Generation Z is said to value individual expression, avoid labels and focus more collaboratively.

Gen-Zers have a different attitude towards consumption and brands: they want access to goods rather than possession; they’re more ethically concerned, and they crave self-expression. Coupled with technological …

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[cape_town] - How to deal with losing your bestie

Our friendship included a lot of firsts: - first drunk experience together, first crushes and first kisses. But our break up wasn’t something that happened immediately. It fermented over time.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment things fell apart. Maybe it was once we hit our early 20s, and …

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[cape_town] - MK’s ‘Agnus’ Ncwane dies of her wounds

Ncwane, 64, died early yesterday from wounds she sustained when unknown gunmen opened fire on her and her son at their Khayelitsha home last Thursday.

Serving in the June 16 detachment established following the 1976 Soweto Uprising, Ncwane travelled to Mozambique, Angola and Lusaka during the turbulent days of apartheid …

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