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Stonehenge: DNA Reveals👉 Origin of Builders

The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain, a study has shown. Researchers compared DNA extracted from Neolithic human remains found in Britain with that of people alive at the same time in Europe. The Neolithic inhabitants appear to have travelled from …

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Madrid Skyscraper Housing Embassies Evacuated Over 👉False Bomb Threat

A skyscraper in Madrid that houses the British, Dutch, Australian and Canadian embassies was evacuated on Tuesday over a bomb warning that turned out to be false.

Police evacuated the 57-storey Torrespacio building after the Australian embassy received a bomb threat by telephone, a police spokeswoman said.

"It was finally …

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Algeria🇩🇿 Constitutional Council Chief👔 Quits: State TV

The head of Algeria’s constitutional council stepped down Tuesday after weeks facing the ire of protesters, state television reported.

Tayeb Belaiz informed the council, which will play a key role in upcoming presidential elections, that “he presented his resignation… to the head of state”.

Algerians have called for Belaiz …

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Bahrain 🇧🇭Jails⛓ 138 for Planning 🇮🇷Iran-Linked 'Terror' Group

The Gulf state of Bahrain Tuesday jailed 138 people and revoked their citizenship for plotting to form a "terror" group with links to Iran's Revolutionary Guards, the public prosecutor said.

The verdict was swiftly condemned by the Bahraini opposition, while human rights group Amnesty International decried the "mockery of justice …

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