Fenty Beauty Apologized🙏 to Fans for Its “Geisha Chic” Highlighter After Facing👊 Criticism

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Last week, Fenty Beauty rolled out its new line of summer launches, including the highly anticipated Sun Stalk'r bronzer, which comes in eight colors, and three new Killawatt highlighter shades: Mo’ Hunny/Afternoon Snack, #PENNY4UTHOTS, and Geisha Chic. The latter luminizer, however, has been pulled after complaints from fans that it fetishizes an aspect of Japanese culture.

A Reddit user who left a comment on Fenty Beauty's Instagram about the highlighter's offensive name received a response from the brand via DM. The user shared a screenshot of the conversation in the subreddit group r/BeautyGuruChatter to show fellow Redditors that Fenty made the decision to pull the product until it can be renamed.

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