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In the build-up to the MG Hector’s India launch, MG Motor has been talking about the future of in-car connectivity and the ‘Internet of Cars’ on social media. Today, at its DriveIn event held in New Delhi, the carmaker revealed details of the Hector’s connectivity features (powered by what MG calls iSmart technology), and you might want to sit down because it is quite an elaborate list.

The most promising of the MG Hector’s connectivity features has to be Voice Assist. Developed by Nuance for the Hector, Voice Assist has been designed to understand Indian accents better, and it utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve its understanding with time. The Hector’s Voice Assist is activated by saying ‘Hello MG’, and it can handle over 100 functions, including opening and closing of the windows and sunroof, and operating the climate control system and navigation. MG claims it works even in areas with poor connectivity.

The Hector will come with an embedded Airtel SIM card, which, paired with the SUV’s Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), will make it ready for 5G connectivity. What this also means is that owners of the MG Hector will be able to download over-the-air (OTA) updates for the software as and when they become available, much like one can for their smartphone. Additionally, the Hector’s infotainment system will come pre-loaded with a number of apps, including TomTom’s IQ Maps navigation, a Gaana Premium account for music streaming and an AccuWeather app for weather forecasts.

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