EACC: Sh300m💰 Assets Recovered from Samburu County

  |   Kenya News

EACC deputy chief executive Michael Mubea has said the commission has recovered assets worth Sh300 million from Samburu county.

The commission has been conducting investigations into allegations that Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal has been trading with the county through Oryx petrol station.

EACC has recommended that the Director of Public Prosecutions charge Lenolkulal and 13 other suspects with offences including abuse of office, illegal acquisition of public property and conflict of interest.

The other suspects are: Samburu Deputy Governor Julius Lesooto, County Secretary Stephen Letinina, Chief Finance Officer Daniel Lenolkirina, former Environment Chief Officer Josephine Lenasalia, Agriculture Chief Officer Reuben Lemunyete and former Education Chief Officer Linus Lenolngenje.

Others are Paul Lolmingani (Transport Chief Officer), Bernard Lesurmat (Lands Chief Officer), Lillian Baluga (former Gender Chief Officer), Andrew Lanyasunya (Gender Chief Officer), David Loo Senge (Sports Chief Officer), Geoffrey Kitewan (Head Supply Chain Management) and businessman Hesbon Ndathi.

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