Trump Says NATO Member Defense Spending "May Have to Go Up" 🆙

  |   Donald Trump

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is meeting with President Trump at the White House Tuesday, before delivering a joint address to Congress Wednesday morning, as NATO marks its 70th anniversary.

But the meeting comes amid some undercurrents, as Mr. Trump tries to decrease the United States' footprint abroad with his "America First" foreign policy.

Mr. Trump has urged other NATO nations to increase their defense spending to agreed-upon levels, a stance many see as positive, but on Tuesday the president said defense spending will need to go higher than 2 percent.

Currently NATO members agree to spend at least 2 percent of Gross Domestic Product on defense, but Mr. Trump, in a meeting alongside the secretary general, said that figure "may have to go up."

The president addressed other topics as well, including his ongoing threat to close the border.

"If we don't make a deal with Congress, the border's going to be closed. 100 percent," the president said, after last week tweeting that he would close the border this week if Mexico doesn't stop the flow of immigrants.

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